About the Project

The Srenghtening SME Sustainality wants to givee to SMEs alla the necessary help to strive towards reducing their impact on the environmen. They need to embed sustainability in their management roles and gain access to tools which will enable to monitor that impact to the environmen, with the intervention of technology, tools can become efficient and reliable in monitoring can be done remotely. It is incredibly important for SME managements to have timely information in their hands in order to decide on the appropriate remedial reaction and contain the damage to the environmen.

Project Results


EQF Level Descriptors

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Digital Sustainability Audit Tool

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  • Develop a control mechanism within SMEs to increase or maintain their sustainablity performance.
  • Define a new role within SME structur, assigning specific role and responsibilities related to sustainability.
  • Promote the recognition of skills and qualifications according to EQF in Europe.
  • Improve the SME sustainability pracices and outlook.
  • Faster innovation, education, social inclusion and climate/energy preservation, in line with the EU Strategy.
  • Create more job opportunities through sustainable development
  • Strenghten the role of VET In educating SME management on sustainability policies and practices • Underline the use of EQF and ECVET as tools for achieving lifelong learning

Target groups

VET : interested in new tools for training SME management on sustainable development.

SMEs/SME Management : interested in strategies and practices that can strengthen their sustainability potential. Any such strategies or practices must have a clear definition and be closely monitored to produce the desired results. SME stakeholders: interested in the sustainability outlook of SMEs and their impact on the environment.

Eco and social groups: interested in practices that promote environmental and social responsibility.

Economy stakeholder: interested in a healthier business environment for SMEs and securing jobs


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