Best Practices

Danish SMEs

  • Focus on trying to switch to electric vehicles
  • Much emphasis is also put on using recycling materials as inputs in their production process. All SMEs reported that they see opportunity in the form of financial benefits from a well-established recycling process within the company

Austrian SMEs

  • Making a shift in their transport of materials and products from trucks to trains
  • Utilization of energy coming from biomass. The practice not only reduced costs but also results in a significant reduction in carbon footprint.

Swire Properties green building

  • Using 3D modelling methods to optimize energy efficiency of a building
  • Using intelligent lighting systems with solar and motion sensors to reduce energy usage.
  • Biodiesel generator system that turns cooking oil into fuel.
  • Use of recycled materials and low carbon integrated materials


  • Reduce gender inequality by prioritizing the recruitment of female engineer
  • 2015: Started with 5% of female engineers in the team, ended the year with 20%.
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