Communication Strategy to apply effective sustainable management

Communication Strategy

Combining communication with social responsibility means the organization possesses the ability to communicate to its public and interest groups around the dimensions of social responsibility.

The three categories are:

  1. Socially responsible communication
  2. Communication for financial sustainability
  3. Environmental or green communication

Socially Responsible Communication

  • Aims to respond and ensure the communication process happens in line with social dimensions
  • For example: focusing on a person’s integrity and empowers them to fulfill their roles as people, inspire fair and equal treatment of people, respecting cultural diversity, empowering positive practices, etc.

Communication for financial sustainability

  • Developing financial literacy campaigns
  • Inspires win-win behaviours with benefits
  • Makes sure there is balance of the cost-value relationship
  • Supports creative and entrepreneurial practices
  • Guarantees survival and extension of life cycles of SMEs

Environmental or green communication

  • Promotes respect for the land and species
  • Inspired behaviours of preservation of resources
  • Guides environmental sustainability practices
  • Develops campaigns to promote waste management and recycling
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