Occupational health management to increase social sustainability in SMEs

The aim is to optimise stresses and work strains employees might have at the work place and to strengthen their personal resources.

On the one hand, good working conditions and a high quality of life at the workplace can sustainably promote health and motivation, on the other hand, they can help increase the productivity, product and service quality, improve the innovative capacity of the SME. This creates a win-win situation for employers and employees, and can also help improve the company’s image as a good employer in terms of corporate social responsibility. This can increase the social sustainability of a company both internally and externally.

Health promotion in SMEs

Main health promotion in SMEs can take place at three levels:

  1. Persons: Behavioral prevention aims at healthy self-control by individuals (e.g. spine courses, stress management training, flu vaccinations, etc.) Exercise-related interventions are the most provided measures in SMEs today.
  2. Work: Occupational safety, healthy working conditions (e.g.  improvements in ergonomics at the workplace or work organisation).
  3. System: System prevention aims at healthy interactions, in a company’s hierarchy and in the company as a whole. (E.g. organise mixed-age groups, a company agreement on respectful interaction or leadership training.)
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