Which are its main features

Modular and Scalable 

  • The entire web tool can be customized for all types of company structure and industry. 
  • Multilingual: available in English, Spanish, Greek, Dutch, German, Bulgarian. Additional languages can be embedded in the future.
  • It has a responsive web design to allow accessibility and compatibility to all devices and browsers (PCs, notebooks, tablets, smartphones)
  • Users have specific roles and access rights 

Evaluation, report generation and areas of action

  • Through a Dynamic interactive Dashboard management gets at a glance a quick and concise overview of performance indicators
  • Users (SMEs and SRs) generates dynamic web reports, PDFs and Excel files that can be downloaded, saved and/or printed
  • Users are able to upload relevant to indicators documents in Pdf, Excel, Doc or PPT format.
  • Company assigned users can define business relevant sustainability indicators for each pillar beyond the default indicators already available
  • Display entire data of each pillar to monitor activities by each pillar and their indicators in the form of graph and charts, that can be mailed and downloaded
  • Differentiation between qualitative and quantitative indicators: input of numerical values, monetary information, text entry, multiple choice selection.

Data collection and release 

  • Data are transmitted directly and simultaneously between everyone involved
  • Every user gets access to the exact work areas, data sets and documents
  • User shall receive notifications if their SME financials and other pillars have healthier effect or slow effect
  • All data entered are encrypted respecting the GDPR regulations.
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